Grammar Workbook 1 for Secondary Students

Author: Greg Blaxell, Gordon Winch, Publisher: Phoenix

The Grammar Workbook addresses one of the main reasons for using an English textbook in the classroom by providing exercise and practice and does so at an affordable price. Written for Year 7 and 8 students, this book can be used in the classroom or at home.

The Grammar Workbook is a workbook with 40 units of exercises on grammar, parts of speech, mood, punctuation, using the right word and text types, with answers, as well as four revision tests. It can be used for:

  • classroom exercises
  • homework
  • assessment
  • extra work
  • revision

The Grammar Workbook is supported by The Grammar Guide for Secondary Students: a practical easy-to-use reference book. If a student needs information or help with a writing problem, the answer can be quickly found in this guide.

The Grammar Workbook Contents

Unit 1: Nouns and Punctuation: capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks
Unit 2: Nouns and Punctuation: capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks
Unit 3 More about Nouns: number and gender
Unit 4: Verbs
Unit 5: Tenses in Verbs and Punctuation
Unit 6: Personal recount
Unit 7: Infinitives, Participles, Complex Verbs and Word Usage
Unit 8: Pronouns: personal, possessive, relative, interrogative and demonstrative
Unit 9: Punctuation: commas
Unit 10: Adjectives: descriptive, interrogative, demonstrative, numeral and possessive

Revision of Units 1-10

Unit 11: Participants/Noun Groups
Unit 12: Adverbs and Word Usage
Unit 13: Prepositions
Unit 14: Articles and Word Usage
Unit 15: Co-ordinating conjunctions and Punctuation
Unit 16: Subordinating conjunctions and Punctuation
Unit 17: Phrases
Unit 18: Phrases and Participants
Unit 19: Case with nouns: subjective, objective and possessive
Unit 20: Verbs/Processes

Revision of Units 11-20

Unit 21: Clauses: principal and adjectival and Participants with Embedded Clauses
Unit 22: Attributes
Unit 23: Apostrophes and Word Usage
Unit 24: Factual recount
Unit 25: Adverbial and Noun Clauses
Unit 26: Sentences: simple, compound and complex
Unit 27: Circumstances
Unit 28 : Quotation Marks (inverted commas)
Unit 29: Narrative
Unit 30: Cohesion: linking ideas 1

Revision of Units 21-30

Unit 31: Word Usage
Unit 32: The Mood System and Word Usage
Unit 33: Making Sense
Unit 34: Instruction/Procedure
Unit 35: Modality
Unit 36: Argument
Unit 37: Indirect Speech, Quotations, Titles and Word Usage
Unit 38: Cohesion: linking ideas 2
Unit 39: Report
Unit 40: Explanation

Revision of Units 31-40

More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8
Date of Publication 2003
ISBN 9781876580445
Subject English