The Grammar Guide for Secondary Students

Author: Greg Blaxell and Gordon Winch, Publisher: Phoenix

The Grammar Guide for Secondary Students provides clear definitions, explanations and examples for all aspects of English grammar and usage required by junior secondary students. Where appropriate, references are made to traditional and functional grammar.

There is also a practical reference section on Using the Right Word which covers a wide range of common errors in grammar and usage. It allows students to look up the word in doubt, find the correct usage and the explanation for it.

It is the ideal book to use with any of the Phoenix language workbooks.

The Grammar Guide is complemented by the Grammar Workbook, a workbook of exercises with revision tests.

Grammar Guide Contents

  • About this book
  • 1: Grammar — a way of describing language
  • 2: Punctuation
  • 3: Using the right word
  • 4: The writing process
  • Index
More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8
Date of Publication 2002
ISBN 9781876580162
Subject English