Phoenix English Skills: Grammar & Punctuation

Author: John Barwick, Jenny Barwick, Publisher: Phoenix

Grammar and Punctuation is one of four workbooks in the Phoenix English Skills series for junior secondary students. It features sets of exercises and activities dealing with: 

  • nouns
  • pronouns
  • adjectives
  • adverbs
  • phrases
  • clauses
  • sentences
  • punctuation 

Each section is introduced with a brief explanation and revision, followed by exercises ranging in degree of difficulty from basic revision to challenging. All exercises have answers in a separate section.

It can be used for:

  • classroom exercises
  • homework
  • assessment
  • extra work
  • revision

Grammar and Punctuation Contents


1 Types of nouns 
2 Singular and plural nouns 
3 Nominalisations 
4 Nouns in review 


5 Personal pronouns: I, you, he, she, it, we, you and they 
6 Personal pronouns - me, you, him, her, it, us, you and them 
7 Other types of pronouns 
8 Troubleshooting pronouns 
9 Pronouns in review 


10 Recognise and use adjectives 
11 Adjectives which show degree 
12 Adjectives in review


13 Recognise and use verbs 
14 Participles and auxiliary verbs 
15 Correct verb tense 
16 Simple past tense 
17 Noun-verb agreement 
18 Verbs in review 


19 Recognise and use adverbs 
20 Comparing with adverbs 
21 Adverbs in review 


22 Prepositional phrases 


23 Independent and dependent clauses 


24 Simple, compound and complex sentences 
25 Statements, questions, exclamations, commands 
26 Making meaning clear 
27 Sentences in review 


28 Sentence endings and capitals 
29 Commas, colons and semicolons 
30 Apostrophes 
31 Direct and indirect speech 



More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8
ISBN 9781876580261
Subject English