Literacy Assessment Tests Year 7

Author: Dwayne Hopwood, Publisher: Phoenix
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This book contains six practice tests for essential literacy skills assessment.

Each test is based on a text and includes multiple choice questions on  understanding the text, short answer questions, questions on language and creative writing activities.

Stimulus Material

The stimulus material for each test has been carefully chosen to represent a range of different text types, language uses and writing styles.  The level of difficulty of each text is designed to allow access to all ability levels whilst challenging more able students.

Question Types

The reading assessment questions are designed to test the ability of students to decode texts on different levels.  The questions also allow for flexible use as they combine   multiple choice, short answer and language convention questions.

The style and type of questioning is designed to complement the types of skills expected of students of this age range at the national, state and local level.

Writing Assessment

Each writing assessment task uses the stimulus material as a basis for writing and  provides students with a model for text type and language use.  Each test provides for alternate writing tasks that require different forms of written response. 

Possible uses

The Literacy Assessment Test series has been designed to be used as flexibly as possible.  They can be used for:

  • Formal school or class examinations
  • In class practice and examination preparation
  • Literacy diagnostic testing
  • Literacy skill building
  • Homework or contract work
  • Parent / tutor use
More Information
Year Level Year 7
Date of Publication 2009
ISBN 9781921085932
Subject English
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