Interactive English with CD

Author: John Barwick, Jenny Barwick, Trevor Millum and Chris Warren, Publisher: Phoenix

Interactive Whiteboards in the English Classroom

Interactive English describes a number of approaches, with examples, to help teachers develop the potential  for more interactive, enjoyable and creative lessons using an interactive whiteboard.

The 23 lessons are divided into:

  • Visual Literacy: working with images
  • Looking closely at texts
  • Word studies
  • More advanced techniques

The book includes a CD with material related to the ideas in the book. These include files for Word, PowerPoint, Promethean flipchart and Smart Notebook.

Interactive English is a new Australian edition, with additional and reorganised material, of Sharing Not Staring, published by NATE in 2008



Visual literacy: working with images

  • Spotlight on images                                                                  
  • Controlled reveal                                                         
  • Investigating colour                                  
  • Investigating symbols

Looking closely at texts

  • Hiding and revealing text
  • Mystery texts    
  • Using tables
  • Text mapping
  • Collapsing and re-sorting texts
  • Exploring text types
  • Using sequencing to investigate texts

Word studies

  • Making choices with drop-down menus
  • Word bits
  • Matching words
  • Ordering our thoughts
  • Every picture tells a narrative
  • Creating scaffolds
  • Using flowcharts
  • Transforming texts
  • Editing: tracked changes

More advanced techniques  

  • Counterpoint with PowerPoint
  • Show and go
  • Movie capture animation
More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Date of Publication 2008 (First published as 'Sharing not Staring')
ISBN 9781921586491
Subject English