A History of Western Philosophy Book 1

Author: Jack Thomson, Publisher: Phoenix

A History of Western Philosophy Book 1: From Ancient Greece and Rome to the Renaissance

A history of Western philosophy is a progressive story of the best answers to the most interesting and important questions we have asked in our attempts to understand the world and our experience in it from the beginning of our time on Earth. Examples of such questions are:

  • What can we know, and how can we come to know it?
  • What is the fundamental nature of our world and ourselves?
  • How can we best live and organise our individual and collective lives most satisfyingly and happily?

From early childhood to very old age we all ask philosophical questions because we feel the need to understand our human situation and condition.

This history is divided into 11 major Parts presented in 7 separate Books, covering the main developments in science and philosophy over the past 2,500 years. During this time, some radically different schools of thought have emerged, all integrally related to the history of the times, societies and cultures from which they arose.

Book 1: From Ancient Greece and Rome to the Renaissance

Part 1: Ancient Philosophy: Greek and Roman Interpretations of the World: Throughout the whole period from the ancient Greek city-States in the 6th and 5th centuries B.C.E to the fall of the Roman Empire, the Greek interpretation of the world was predominant and it has strongly influenced Western culture ever since.

In the Roman Empire, controlling and governing the world became more important than understanding it, so the major schools of philosophy were primarily concerned with ways of coping with a changing and more hostile environment by attempting to gain consolation and achieve inner individual peace.

Part 2: From the Classical Era to the Renaissance: Medieval Philosophy: Following the rise of Christianity, medieval philosophy was dominated by the Church for many centuries during which the leading scholars were priests whose powers of reason were almost exclusively devoted to attempting to prove the existence of God.

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Date of Publication 2018
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