Phoenix English Skills: My.word/s Book 2

Author: John and Jenny Barwick, Publisher: Phoenix

My.word/s is aimed at developing students' understanding of the English language and their ability to use it with authority and confidence. The text is topical, the format contemporary, and the activities designed to engage students so they learn the skills they need to make effective and successful use of English, from word through to text level, both within school and beyond. 

Texts of different types and formats provide the basis for reading activities in each unit. These texts have been selected to stimulate student interest in, and learning from, both the texts themselves and the language and/or visual features they display. Aspects of language including grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary are also treated explicitly and systematically in each unit. Each unit also features writing and talking and listening activities as well as additional activities that will extend and challenge the learner. These include:

  • comprehension
  • writing, including writing skill development and whole text composition using    scaffolds
  • talking and listening
  • thinking
  • grammar and punctuation
  • spelling and vocabulary
  • extension activities bringing together a range of elements of English

Two comprehensive literacy tests for assessment and diagnosis are included in each book.

They can be used for:


  • classroom exercises
  • homework
  • assessment
  • extra work
  • revision


Contents Book 2

  • Narrative (novel) Gold Town    
  • Cartoon - Hysterical Penguins  
  • Factual description - Sumo Wrestlers
  • Test 1  
  • Explanation - How Coal is Made   
  • Procedure - How to Make a Barometer    
  • Literary recount - Hunted  
  • Review - Latest Release Doomed to Success   
  • Exposition - Killer Cats, Rabid Rabbits and Treacherous Toads  
  • Discussion - Should Charity Begin at Home?    
  • Test 2  
  • Website - Collaborating for Indigenous Rights 1957-1973  
  • Table - Temperature Extremes in Australia  
  • Fact file - Communication in Australia
More Information
Date of Publication 2010
ISBN 9781921586057
Subject English