Over the Moon and Far Away

Author: Carla Moore, Publisher: Phoenix

Over the Moon and Far Away is based on the historical experiences of many women interned during World War II.

The play takes us on a year long journey, from December 1943 to December 1944 in one women’s POW Camp somewhere in Java. The play is therefore an allegory for all the women’s camps across south-east Asia – names and places are not important, but the stories are.  Over the Moon and Far Away represents the sufferings of a cross section of the 70,000 women and children interned in what was then the Dutch East Indies and now Indonesia during World War II.

It is about the women who escaped Singapore and Malaysia on boats only to be torpedoed, picked up 24 hours later from the sea to be brought to camps on shore.

It is about the women who were Australian nurses who worked with no medicines or equipment against a tide of tropical diseases.

It is about the women who had no skills other than their ability to socialize before the war, who dug deep and became innovative survivors.

It is about the women who kept their husbands’ children safe through three and a half years of deprivation and incarceration.

It is about the women who made sacrifices for others because that was just the way they were.

It is about women, who looked at the moon every night and dreamed of freedom.

It is not about the Japanese. 

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Date of Publication 2012
ISBN 9781921586637
Subject Creative Arts, Drama
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