Catch the Bard: 6 Plays

Author: Carla Moore, Publisher: Phoenix

Catch the Bard consists of six short, humorous plays for Years  7 to 8 English and Drama  students - looking at  the life, works and themes of William Shakespeare.

This lighthearted and creative introduction to our most revered playwright is supported by questions and extension exercises catering for a variety of learners and styles.


It’s A Comedy!

Will has written a new comedy and the Chamberlain’s men, including Richard Burbage, have gathered for a first rehearsal at The Globe. The play, ‘As You Like It’, has as yet, no ending, and the actors are more than willing to suggest endings, extra scenes and character detail. The text includes small excerpts from ‘As You Like It’, and deals with Shakespearean expressions, the forms and conventions of Elizabethan comedy and the lives of actors. 15 Characters

Where’s Will ?

This play focuses on what historians mysteriously refer to as “The Lost Years” of William Shakespeare’s life, the years between 1587- 1592. Detective Horatio tries to help Mrs Shakespeare solve the puzzle of where Will is, and in doing so meets up with the colourful characters of 1592, including a bear. The script incorporates many conventions of Film Noir, a popular filmic genre of the mid-twentieth century and also plays with some of the many words and expressions that Shakespeare invented, which are now part of our language. 7+ Characters

Blood on Their Hands.

Before the court, presided over by Judge Julie, stands Macbeth for the foul murder of King Duncan. Prosecutor Perry and Bob the Barrister both argue their case. Luckily for the Thane, most of the witnesses are now dead, and witch Mrs Hilary Gordonstone-McDonald is an unreliable witness. The script takes a comical look at some of the minor and major characters in one of Shakespeare’s great tragedies, the Scottish play. 11 Characters

Lost Property.

The lost property Manager and his three not very bright assistants, deal with the lost items and properties of ten of Shakespeare’s characters. Questions are raised- how important are these possessions, and what is their significance in each play? If Desdemona had not lost her handkerchief, or if Imogen had been less careless with her bracelet, would the plot have been different? 14 Characters

Eight Characters in Search of Shakespeare.

Many Shakespeare characters feel they have been given the short end of the stick: one-liners, no names or no real plot function. Luckily today is Whinging Wednesday and Will, who is trying to write his next masterpiece, has many visitors. Unfortunately, one is of the Royal kind who is not happy with his text. The script deals with eight minor characters and their plot functions from seven of Shakespeare’s plays. 11 Characters

The Play’s the Thing!

Eighteen students, a director and a playwright gather for a rehearsal which never begins, but ends in a lot of Shakespearean insults. Completely written in the Bard’s own words, this play about a play rehearsal explores Shakespeare’s many thoughts regarding the stage and actors. 20 Characters

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Year Level Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12
Date of Publication 2011
ISBN 9781921586446
Subject Creative Arts, Drama, English
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