English Skills in Use for Secondary Students

Author: Peter Howard, Publisher: Phoenix

The workbook is designed to help the student improve their reading and writing skills at the lower to middle stage of secondary school. All passages have a science or social studies base and are designed to improve skills in reading, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure.

Answers provided.


  • Why do earthquakes happen?
  • Can fish fly?
  • What was the phoenix?
  • What is artificial silk?
  • When did newspapers first appear?
  • What is a cataract of the eye?
  • What are fingerprints?
  • Do plants go to sleep?
  • What was the sword of Damocles?
  • What happens when we become tired?
  • How was steel first made?
  • What was the Mayflower?
  • What is a virus?
  • Why were Salamis and Marathon important?
  • What is nature's most wonderful food?
  • Who was La Perouse?
  • What is a sloth?
  • What is a volcano?
  • What is the 'missing link'?
  • What is radar?
  • Can metal become tired?
  • How did the piano evolve?
  • What are the cedars of Lebanon?
  • What is a folk song?
  • How fast do animals travel?
  • What is the great hole in the Kalahari Desert?
  • What happens to all the gold in the world?
  • What was the most epic voyage of discovery?
  • Why do humans have a large skull?
  • Which animal is most like an army tank?
  • When was the first atomic bomb used in war?
  • What is the Bayeux Tapestry?
  • How was fire discovered?
  • What was the Magna Carta?
  • Who were the first sea travellers?
  • Who was Holland's greatest portrait painter?
  • Who was Samson?
  • Why did Venice become famous?
  • What can we learn from old diaries?
  • What is a sceptic?
  • Why is electricity so remarkable?
  • What happened to all the wild bears?
  • Who was Rip van Winkle?
  • Where did fairy-tales come from?
  • What was the French Revolution?
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Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9
ISBN 9781875695331
Subject English