Creative Writing Skills

Author: Feez & Joyce, Publisher: Phoenix

Creative Writing Skills gives a detailed treatment of each of the major forms of creative writing with explanations, models, analysis and varied exercises for Years 8 to 10.

This book provides guidance on:

  • writing different types of texts, including narrative stories, news stories and poems
  • structuring texts to achieve different purposes
  • using description to build images
  • achieving an emotional response to writing
  • using grammar effectively
  • planning, drafting and editing texts

For each text type, students are given:

  • a model text
  • analysis of structure
  • technical knowledge including grammar and vocabulary
  • an extensive variety of exercises with answers


  • comprehensive coverage of all major types of creative writing
  • clear explanations and layout
  • model texts of each writing type
  • practical exercises to help students develop and practice each writing type
  • can be used independently or in a classroom
  • can be used as a text or as a reference when needed for a particular writing task

The authors are both English teachers with experience in curriculum development. Helen Joyce is currently manager of Program Support and Development Services at AMES and Susan Feez is a lecturer at the National Centre for English Language and Research at Macquarie University.


About this book

1   The tools for creative writing

2   What is story-telling?


  • Anecdotes
  • Moral tales
  • Traditional stories

3   Stories of adventure

4   Building a world in which to set a story

5   Learning from other writers

6   Stories in the news

7   Poetry

Answers to activities

More Information
Year Level Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
ISBN 9781875695850
Subject English