Developing Writing Skills Book 2

Author: Helen de Souza Joyce and Susan Feez, Publisher: Phoenix

Developing Writing Skills assists students to develop a broad range of writing skills with a particular focus on less abstract and more personally oriented texts.

Each student book has information and explanations to assist students with essential rules, definitions, processes and concepts, and an extensive range of exercises.

The exercises in each of the units in Book 2 for middle secondary students focus on understanding and practising:

  • identifying and using the language of abstraction
  • integrating opinion into impersonal texts
  • analysing text models
  • structuring whole texts
  • writing texts for particular purposes
  • editing texts

Answers to questions in both workbooks are provided in the Developing Writing Skills Teacher's Resource Book

As well as the answers to questions in the workbooks, Developing Writing Skills Teachers Resource Book contains additional explanations, information and examples of text types for teachers, with additional exercises for guided practice, extension and assessment.

The guided practice is developed through:

  • analysis of models texts
  • activities to develop skills in structuring whole texts
  • developing skills in the strategic use of vocabulary and grammar


  • What you need to use this workbook
  • What is in the workbook
  • Unit 1 Elements of language
    • The writing process
    • What is grammar?
    • Identifying components of texts
    • Identifying components of sentences
    • Clauses
    • Verb groups
    • Noun groups
    • Circumstance
  • Unit 2 Working as a fiction writer
    • Creating mood
    • Painting pictures through noun groups
    • Painting pictures through the clause
    • Painting pictures through comparisons
    • Painting pictures through language patterns
    • Weaving descriptions into a story
    • Analysing descriptions
    • Writing a description
    • Describing landscape
    • Analysing landscape descriptions
    • Writing a landscape description
    • Describing characters
    • Analysing character descriptions
    • Writing a description of a character
  • Unit 3 Exploring experience through narratives
    • Narratives in English
    • The components of narratives
    • The structure of narratives
    • Taking your readers into the world of the story
    • Things go wrong
    • Making your readers care
    • Restoring order
    • Playing around with structure
    • The imaginary and the real
    • Characters in action
    • Heroes and antiheroes
    • Writing a narrative
  • Unit 4 Working as a factual writer
    • Comparing spoken and written language
    • Turning actions into things
    • Writing paragraphs
    • Building information into paragraphs
    • Passive voice
    • Holding paragraphs together
    • Things to avoid in formal writing
    • Expressing opinions in formal writing
    • Using other people’s ideas
  • Unit 5 Responses to literature and art
    • Interpretations
    • Interpreting works of art
    • The structure of interpretations
    • Analysing interpretations
    • Writing an interpretation
    • Critical responses
    • Critical responses to works of art
    • The structure of critical responses
    • Writing critical responses
  • Unit 6 Texts to organise and explain
    • Reports
    • Descriptive reports
    • Analysing a descriptive report
    • Taxonomic reports
    • Analysing a taxonomic report
    • Writing a report
    • Explanations
    • Sequence explanations
    • Analysing a sequence explanation
    • Writing a sequence explanation
    • The language of reasons and consequences
    • Consequence explanations about reasons
    • Consequence explanations about consequences
  • Unit 7 Texts to persuade
    • Historical accounts
    • The purpose and structure of historical accounts
    • Writing a historical account
    • Arguing a point of view
    • Expositions
    • Discussions
    • Challenges
    • Identifying a point of view
    • The language of argument
    • Writing a persuasive text
    • Editing and proofreading checklist
More Information
Year Level Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2004
ISBN 9781876580681
Subject English