Antipodes Teacher's Resource Book

Author: Margaret Bradstock, Publisher: Phoenix

The Antipodes Teacher's Resource Book provides teachers with assistance in using the Antipodes poetry anthology in the classroom. It provides information about the poets, the poems and activities using individual poems and groups of poems.

It deals with the poems of specific poets:

  • W.C Wentworth
  • Mary Gilmore
  • Kenneth Slessor
  • Judith Wright
  • Rex Ingamells
  • Douglas Stewart
  • James McAuley
  • Francis Webb
  • Les Murray
  • Geoff Page
  • Anita Heiss
  • Samuel Wagan Watson
  • Tony Birch
  • Jeff Guess
  • Judy Johnson
  • Chris Mansell
  • John Mateer

and themes and issues:

  • Aboriginal dispossession
  • Van Dieman's Land
  • The Explorers
  • Outcomes of Invasion
  • Caring for Country
  • Activism and Anger
  • Treaty
  • Education
  • Postmodern Perspectives

The Teacher's Book also has a complete index of poets and index of titles.

More Information
Year Level Year 9, Year 10
ISBN 9781921586477
Subject English