Antipodes: Poetic Responses

Author: Edited by Margaret Bradstock, Publisher: Phoenix

Antipodes is the first collection of Aboriginal and white poetic responses to the ‘settlement’ of Australia.

Historical in its sweep, the anthology begins with W.C. Wentworth’s record of his encounter with the land and its inhabitants, published after the successful Blue Mountains crossing. This is followed by the more sobering reactions of Mary Gilmore, Jack Davis, Oodgeroo Noonuccal and Judith Wright, outspoken and elegiac in their protests over the destruction of Aboriginal tribes and lifestyles. Interspersed are poems from Aboriginal oral traditions, the Voyager period, Jindyworobaks, and some of Australia’s finest established poets – Les Murray, Robert Adamson, David Malouf, Peter Porter, to name but a few. Contemporary poets (both black and white) contribute a post-modern viewpoint to the saga of our past, moving in the direction of common ground.  200 years of poetic voices (sometimes in harmony, sometimes conflicting) comment on colonisation and the culture shock of ‘first contact.’

Antipodes enlivens and expands upon some of the implications of our heritage in the face of a growing awareness of colonial appropriation and Eurocentric perceptions, and underlines the significance of Aboriginal perspectives. It will be welcomed by poets and readers of poetry alike, as well as those interested in history and culture as interpreted through poetry. It is a long overdue collection.

Antipodes is supplemented by Antipodes Teacher’s Resource Book which will provide more information about the poets and the poems, with activities and suggestions for using the poems in the classroom.
Contents: index of poets

Foreword  Emeritus Professor Elizabeth Webby
Introduction  Margaret Bradstock 
W.C. Wentworth (1790-1872)               
John Dunmore Lang (1799-1878)           
Henry Parkes (1815-96)                                                 
Mary Gilmore (1865-1962)                                                                  
Percy Mumbulla b.1890                        
Kenneth Slessor (1901-1971)                
Ken Barratt (1906-                             
Roland Robinson (1912-1992)               
Rex Ingamells (1913-1955)         
Douglas Stewart (1913-1985)           
Judith Wright (1915-2000)                  
James McAuley (1917-1976)              
Jack Davis (1917-2000)                   
Oodgeroo Noonuccal (1920-1993)     
Peter Stevens (b.1927) and                 
Nelson Hughes (b.1923)
Francis Webb (1925-1973)               
Peter Porter (1929-2010)                    
Vivian Smith (b.1933)                         
Kevin Gilbert (1933-1993)                   
Chris Wallace-Crabbe (b.1934)            
David Malouf (b.1934)                         
Randolph Stow (1935-2010)            
Katherine Gallagher (b.1935)               
Barbara Nicholson (b.1935)                 
Brenda Saunders (b.1936)                 
Les Murray (b.1938)                       
Geoff Page (b.1940)                        
Allen Afterman (1941-1992)                
Patricia Sykes (b.1941)                   
Margaret Bradstock (b.1942)             
Robert Adamson (b.1943)                   
Paddy Biran (rec. 1963, d. c 1980)        
Colleen Z. Burke (b.1943)                   
Dennis McDermott (b.1946)               
John Muk Muk Burke (b.1946)               
Jenni Nixon (b.1946)                          
Bruce Pascoe (b.1947)                       
Bill Tibben (b.1947)                           
Jeff Guess (b.1948)                        
Martin Harrison (b.1949)                    
Louise Wakeling (b.1950)              
Conal Fitzpatrick (b.1951)                  
Susan Hawthorne (b.1951)                 
Stephen Edgar  (b.1951)                    
Martin Langford (b.1952)                 
Sheryl Persson (b.1952)                          
Chris Mansell (b.1953)                       
Anne Morgan (b.1954)                       
Les Wicks  (b.1955)                           
Mandawuy Yunupingu (b.1956)           
Kerry Reed-Gilbert (b.1956)                
Elizabeth Hodgson (b.1956)             
Anne Brewster (b.1956)                     
S.K. Kelen (b.1956)                           
Judith Beveridge (b. 1956)                 
Roland Leach (b.1957)                      
Tony Birch (b.1957)
Lionel Fogarty (b.1958)                     
Sarah Day (b.1958)                      
Mike Ladd (b.1959)                           
Andy Kissane (b.1959)                       
Anna Kerdijk Nicholson (b.1960)         
Judy Johnson (b.1961)                       
Lisa Bellear (1961-2006)                    
Charmaine Papertalk-Green (b.1962)
Ali Cobby Eckermann (b. 1963)        
Nandi Chinna (b.1964)                      
Michelle Cahill (b.1964)                     
David Musgrave (b.1965)                   
Melissa Lucashenko (b.1967)           
Anita Heiss (b.1968)                       
Romaine Moreton (b.1969)                
Yvette Holt (b. 1971)                                          
John Mateer                                    
Samuel Wagan Watson (b.1972)       
Benjamin Dodds (b.1979)                  
Stuart Cooke (b. 1980)                     
Fiona Wright (b.1983)                 

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Year Level Year 9, Year 10
ISBN 9781921586392
Subject English