Ten out of Ten

Author: Allan Baillie, Brian Caswell, Nadia Wheatley, Melissa Lucashenko, Sophie Masson, Victor Kelleher, Libby Gleeson, Jenny Pausacker and Gillian Rubinstein, Publisher: Phoenix

Ten out of Ten is a collection of short stories for students in Years 8 to 11, by some of the best children’s writers in Australia.

The writers are: 

  • Allan Baillie
  • Brian Caswell
  • Nadia Wheatley
  • Melissa Lucashenko
  • Sophie Masson
  • Victor Kelleher
  • Libby Gleeson
  • Jenny Pausacker
  • Gillian Rubinstein

Ten out of Ten includes a range of subjects—all relevant to 12 to 14 year olds, and a variety of types of writing, allowing teachers lots of opportunities to develop units around the stories.

Each of the stories in Ten out of Ten deals with characters, subjects and issues relevant to students, but all have in common something which just might encourage readers to be a little more aware, and tolerant of, differences.

Ten out of Ten contents

  • Going for Kebabs by Libby Gleeson
  • Niemoller, Yeah by Jenny Pausacker
  • The Lady is my Night Nurse by Gillian Rubinstein
  • Alien by Nadia Wheatley
  • The Old Magic by Victor Kelleher
  • The Pencil by Allan Baillie
  • The Right Thing by Brian Caswell
  • Pintade by Sophie Masson
  • Mr Walker by Melissa Lucashenko
  • Pay TV by Brian Caswell
More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8
Date of Publication 2003
ISBN 9781876580483
Subject English