Standard Modules and Electives 4th Edition (2015-2018)

Author: Barbara Stanners, Publisher: Phoenix

The Phoenix Senior English Guide Standard Modules and Electives provides an integrated study of language and text. It includes a broad selection of HSC prescribed texts set for 2015-2020 and drawn from prose fiction, drama, poetry, film, non-fiction and media. Syllabus and rubric guidelines have directed the analysis and detailed examination of prescribed texts. Focus includes how language use and representational mediums and techniques have helped shape meaning and influenced audience response and interpretation.

Embedded references to textual content, purpose and register should help students interpret, evaluate and articulate their personalised understanding of the relationship between composer and responder.

Standard Modules and Electives is an invaluable teaching and study resource, providing not only in-depth analysis but also photocopiable student response questions and tasks. These reinforce awareness of the necessary conceptual and textual knowledge needed for prescribed and related texts.

Module A: Experience Through Language

Elective 1 ~ Distinctive Voices

Ray Lawler - Summer of the Seventeenth Doll

Elective 2 ~ Distinctively Visual

Henry Lawson - Selected Short Stories

John Misto - The Shoe-horn Sonata

Douglas Stewart - Selected Poems

Tykwer - Run Lola Run

Module B: Close Study of Text

Marele Day - The Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender

Wilfred Owen - Selected Poems

Ron Howard - A Beautiful Mind

Module C: Texts and Society

Elective 1 ~ Exploring Interactions

Ken Watson - The Round Earth’s Imagined Corners - Selected Poems

Raimond Gaita - Romulus, My Father

Elective 2 ~ Exploring Transitions

JC Burke - The Story of Tom Brennan

Willy Russell - Educating Rita

Steven Herrick - The Simple Gift

Stephen Daldry - Billy Elliot

More Information
Year Level Year 12
Edition 4th
Date of Publication 2014
ISBN 9781921586811
Subject English