Speaking and Listening Book 2 Middle Secondary

Author: Adrian Pauley and Kevin Ryan, Publisher: Phoenix

Speaking and Listening Books 1 and 2 cover all the skills needed for effective and confident communication,  starting with basic every day communication to more formal presentations.  

For each section there are notes for teachers with essential information and teaching strategies, student pages with information students need to develop and improve their skills, and practical activities. 

Book 2 Middle Secondary Contents

  • Communication
  • Listening - what it is
  • Listening filters
  • Listening requirements
  • Active listening skills
  • Conversation skills- the ‘what’
  • Conversation skills- the ‘how’
  • Speaking in a group
  • The purpose
  • Speech openings
  • Memorable conclusions
  • Writing to speak
  • Devices for speeches
  • Storytelling
  • The vocal message
  • The visual message
  • Speech notes
  • Impromptu
  • Oral interpretation and reading aloud
  • Common short speeches
  • The persuasive presentation
  • The informative oral
  • The reflective oral
  • The film review
  • The oral and Shakespeare
  • Group Presentations
  • Let's talk radio
More Information
Year Level Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2008
ISBN 9781921085840
Subject English