Author: Allan Baillie (author) and DI Wu (illustrator), Publisher: Phoenix

The General marches across Burma's dusty plain with tanks, guns, and soldiers. He reaches the school and raises his baton; his tanks flatten the slides, swings, and monkey bars. "You are my people now," he tells the villagers. "I will make the laws." They are too frightened to resist, and how can unarmed farmers and children fight against an army? Then, somewhere inside the school, a rebel responds…

In this powerful story, the courageous action of a young rebel—and its impact in a culture that values "saving face"—results in a village's defeat of tyranny. The author based this story on an incident that happened in Rangoon.

Rebel can be used in conjunction with Words & Pictures - a Multimodal Approach to Picture Books which explores the use of picture books in the classroom.

Allan Baillie is the highly acclaimed author of several children's books and has won a number of awards.

Di Wu was born in China, where he studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and worked as an art editor at a publishing house. He emigrated to Australia in 1985 and earned his Master of Arts in visual arts at the City Arts Institute in Sydney. His artwork has been exhibited in China, Australia and New York.

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ISBN 9781921586248
Subject English
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