Practical Spelling Skills

Author: Judith Hall and Ron King, Publisher: Phoenix

Practical Spelling Skills provides practical and effective strategies and exercises to improve the spelling skills of secondary students. This book was written specifically to help secondary students, especially where traditional methods of learning spelling have not been effective. The strategies and exercises in Practical Spelling Skills have been developed by the authors as a result of extensive research into how students learn to spell and read, and why some students in post primary years still have problems. The result is a book which can help students to overcome these problems, either by using the book as a problem arises, or working through the exercises at home or in the classroom.

Practical Spelling Skills is a workbook of spelling exercises which also provides:

  • strategies dealing with the most common spelling problems
  • a spelling plan
  • a sequence of exercises for practice and consolidation
  • some useful word lists, concentration on vowel sounds

Judith Hall is a former special education teacher and literacy consultant with the Department of School Education.

Ron King was foundation Professor of Education at Wollongong University and author of over 70 publications in education and psychology.

Practical Spelling Skills Contents

  • Understanding vowels
  • The spelling plan
  • Fifteen rules and a spelling plan
  • Activities
  • 1-12   Exploring the short vowels
  • 13-41  Common long vowel letter combinations and patterns
  • 42-45  When 'y' performs as a vowel
  • 46-48  The 'g ... c' and 'ti ... ci ... si ... ssi' rules
  • 49-50  Variations of the 'V' sound
  • 51-53  'Trick' vowel sounds
  • 54-59  Complex vowel sounds with consistent letter patterns
  • Words, word lists and a reading plan
  • Answers to activities
More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8
ISBN 9781875695652
Subject English
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