Killer Virus: Teacher's Resource Book

Author: Goldie Alexander, Publisher: Phoenix

Killer Virus Teacher Resource Book provides teachers with ideas for follow up lessons and activities, including photocopiable student pages.

Killer Virus is one of a collection of short stories suitable for students from Years 6 to 9, but with a special emphasis on subjects which will appeal to boys. Two of the stories have won the Mary Grant Bruce short story prize.

The stories are:

  • Alley Cat
  • Party Plan
  • Vertigo
  • The Glitterland Tapes
  • Foto-copier
  • Killer Virus
  • Everything You Ever Wanted
  • The Hedge
  • First Kiss
  • Swimathon

They cover a range of types of story, for example, adventure, science fiction, fantasy and mixed format, and deal with topics and issues such as

  • overcoming fear
  • relationships
  • animals
  • bullying
  • friendship
  • romance
  • technology
More Information
Year Level Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9
ISBN 9781876580407
Subject English
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