Into Reading Book 2 (Years 9 to 10)

Author: Anne Vize, Publisher: Phoenix

Into Reading Book One is a reader for high school students in the range of Years 7 to 9 who find reading a struggle. Book 2 is for Years 9 to 10. These students may have:

  • a specific learning disability
  • a diagnosed or undiagnosed reading problem
  • an intellectual disability
  • learnt English as an additional language
  • missed out on learning the basics of reading in their primary years

Into Reading has been written to encourage students to take charge of their own reading goals. It contains a range of materials, so there is something in it for all kinds of readers. ‘Reading Choices’ combines:

  • short, high interest stories
  • non fiction articles
  • everyday writing such as recipes and timetables
  • comprehension and extension tasks
  • information for students about learning to read

The material in Into Reading  encourages students to make their own choices about what they read, and the level they read at. Students are able to check the level before they start to read, and can then pick follow up comprehension and extension tasks to build their reading for understanding skills. It is a book which is designed to complement an existing reading support program or to be used as a stand-alone resource for individual students.

More Information
Year Level Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2009
ISBN 9781921586088
Subject English
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