Interpreting the Visual Teacher's Resource Book

Author: Helen de Silva Joyce and John Gaudin, Publisher: Phoenix

Interpreting the Visual provides students with a way of talking and writing about images, using an extensive and varied range of images in colour and black and white as examples and as the basis for student exercises

It provides tools for analysing and interpreting visual images rather than creating them. However just as software programs make it possible for everyone to produce formatted and well-designed written texts, the new communication technologies put the creation and manipulation of images into everyone’s hands. Using the new technologies to create their own images is a dynamic way for students to become aware of how images are created and manipulated to convey meaning. Understanding the way images are created helps students design their own visual messages.

Each chapter of the book provides teacher’s notes with information that can be shared with students. These notes are followed by practical activities which can be used for classwork, groupwork or individual study. These activities in reading images aim to assist students to develop a language for discussing and writing about images and how texts rely on visual images to develop meaning.

Interpreting the Visual student book includes all the activities from the teacher's resource book, with colour and black and white images, plus an additional unit of exercises bringing a range of skills together.

Answers to the exercises are in the Teacher's resource book.

Interpreting the Visual Contents


CHAPTER 1 Approaches to the image

CHAPTER 2 Representing the world as narrative   

CHAPTER 3 Classifying and analysing the world 

CHAPTER 4 Interacting with images  

CHAPTER 5 Composing images




More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2007
ISBN 9781876580865
Subject English