Exploring Short Stories Volume 1

Author: Peter Adams, Publisher: Phoenix

Exploring Short Stories provides 20 short stories for junior and middle secondary students . The stories come from well known and highly regarded authors from around the world and represent a range of write styles and types of short story. The stories in each volume are grouped according to the feature of the short story genre they best represent.

Volume 1 Contents



I. Sequencing

  • ‘The Smart Dog’ by Dal Stivens

II. Predicting the Ending

  • ‘I Used To Live Here Once’ by Jean Rhys
  •  ‘The Norfolk Island Pine Tree’ by Brian Matthews

III. Articulating the Themes

  •  ‘The Star Beast’ by Nicholas Stuart Gray


I. Intertextuality

  •  ‘Who Dares Wins’ by N. M. Cooper
  •  ‘Noah and the Flood’ King James Version of The Bible
  •  ‘The Windows of Heaven’ by John Brunner

II. Some Narrative Techniques

a. Unreliable Narrators

  • ‘I Fooled You, Didn’t I?’ by Michael Edom (aged 13)
  • ‘Jupiter Doke, Brigadier General’ by Ambrose Bierce

b. A Shift of Perspective

  •  ‘Space Fantasies’ by Amy Burroughs (aged 13)
  •  ‘Just Right?’ by Steven Langsford (aged 13)
  •   ‘Nescience’ by Jim Finkemeyer (aged 16)
  •   ‘A Timeless Observation’ by Heath Manners (aged 18)

c. A Twist in the Tale

  •   ‘Conscience in Art’ by ‘O. Henry’ (William Sydney Porter)
  •   ‘The Specimen’ by Ray Mason (aged 16)

d. Indeterminate Endings

  • ‘In the Garden’ by Petrina Smith
  • ‘The Fly–Paper’ by Elizabeth Taylor

e. Parallel Narration

  • ‘Tiger in the Snow’ by Daniel Wynn Barber

 III. Same But Different

  • ‘The Loaded Dog’ by Henry Lawson
  • ‘Moon–Face’ by Jack London
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Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2008
ISBN 9781921085611
Subject English