Exploring Genre & Style: Romanticism

Author: Stanners, Publisher: Phoenix

Each title in this series of teacher resource books, intended for use with students in middle and senior secondary years, starts with a detailed definition of the genre, followed by an examination of a wide range of texts with:

  • background information
  • information about text and context
  • ideas on genre conventions, representation of themes, characters, style
  • suggestions and strategies for dealing with the texts
  • a wide range of student activities to suit different year levels, with emphasis on what is being said and how it is being said, with questions
  • response tasks

Exploring Genre and Style: Romanticism is an invaluable resource that deals with appropriate texts from varied contexts, past and present and different mediums such as prose fiction, poetry, art and film. It is designed to help teachers develop and deepen student understanding, critical evaluation and personal interpretation. The chief concerns and values of the Romantic period, namely individualism, idealism and the creative role of the imagination are represented in varied pre-twentieth century and contemporary texts.

Exploring Genre and Style: Romanticism is an invaluable resource with in depth analysis and student exercises to help students analyse, question, interpret and articulate their understanding of the text.


Romanticism Basics

  • Defining Romanticism
  • Comparing Neo-Classicism and Romanticism
  • Chronology
  • Historical Context
  • Philosophical Context
  • Tenets of Romanticism

English Romanticist Poetry

  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • William Wordsworth
  • William Blake
  • John Keats

English Romanticist Literature

  • The Rise of the Gothic novel
  • Emily Brontë – ‘Wuthering Heights’
  • Jane Austen – ‘Northanger Abbey’

Dark Romanticism

  • Edgar Allen Poe- ‘The Black Cat’
  • Fairy Tale and Folklore

Visual Arts

  • Gericault – ‘The Raft of the Medusa’

Contemporary Romanticism

  • Film: ‘Snow White - A Tale of Terror’
  • Animated short film: ‘Vincent’ – Tim Burton
  • Song: ‘They Call me the Wild Rose’ - Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave
  • Exploring Romanticism On-line

Responding and Composing Skills

  • Sample Questions
  • Writing a Thesis
  • Creative Responses
  • Visual Interpretation
  • Writing a Creative Response


More Information
Year Level Year 12
Date of Publication 2009
ISBN 9781876580810
Subject English, English Extension