Experiencing Shakespeare: A Resource Book for Teachers

Author: edited by Matthew Brown, Publisher: Phoenix

This a resource which informs on all aspects of Shakespeare and his plays and provides insights which will add to students’ understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare, and is invaluable for every teacher doing anything with Shakespeare in the classroom.

It has the essential information about Shakespeare’s works, his times and his language, with contributions from  some of the world’s most experienced Shakespeare practitioners.


  •  Why study Shakespeare?   ~ Matthew Brown.   He was not of an age but for all time..
  •  Shakespeare’s Life and Times ~ Matthew Brown. To such a person and in such a place, / At such a time …
  •  Shakespeare’s Theatre~ Wendy Michaels.   All the world’s a stage,/ And all the men and women merely players.
  •  A Catalogue, with brief description, of all Shakespeare’s plays, the themes and significant quotations from each play.  … the catalogue of his endowments
  •  Acting Shakespeare ~ Bille Brown.  And eke out our performance with your mind.
  •  Directing Shakespeare ~ John Bell.   To your well-practised wise directions
  •  Shakespeare’s Women ~ Anna Volska.   From women’s eyes this doctrine I derive…
  •  Sounds and Music ~ John Hughes and Diana Denley.     So Musical a Discord, Such Sweet Thunder
  •  Introducing Shakespeare’s language ~ Ken Watson.   Like a strange tongue, wherein, to gain the language …  
  •  Swearing in the best Shakespearean fashion -  Helen Sykes. 
  • ...and other strategies for introducing students to Shakespeare ~ Helen Sykes. Of teaching and of learning instantly.
  • Plots I have laid ~ Wendy Michaels .  Plots I have laid
  • Shakespeare in the Classroom ~ Matthew Brown.  A course of learning and ingenious studies
  • Bibliography


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Date of Publication 2008
ISBN 9781921085116
Subject English
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