Exam Preparation Guide - Area of Study Belonging

Author: Barbara Stanners, Publisher: Phoenix

The Exam Preparation Guide supplements Belonging: An Area of Study, which examines the texts and content of the area of study.

This book identifies the specific skills needed by students to answer questions in each part of the Area of Study examination paper as well as highlighting how ‘belonging’ concepts and ideas can be represented in a range of texts.

Various components of Paper One, as well as the various types of texts that are likely to be needed for the area of study, are explored and deconstructed. For each question, there is a guide to what should be included in an answer according to the marking criteria. Sample tests, response, practice questions and student checklists are given to provide teachers and students with a range of useful stimulus materials. Four complete sample examination papers are also provided to give students familiarity with likely exam format and subject matter.

In addition there are detailed overviews of the major text types useful in preparing for all sections of Paper One. The aim of the Examination Preparation Guide is to clarify the skills, knowledge and understandings that will help students maximise their exam performance.

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Year Level Year 12
ISBN 9781921085796
Subject English