Environment Collection

Author: Jill Morris, Publisher: Phoenix

The Environment Collection is a fascinating and varied collection of material — each item having a connection to some aspect of the environment.

The range of material in The Environment Collection  provides numerous opportunities to develop interesting and valuable lessons and units in a number of learning areas and at the same time give students an interest and awareness of a significant influence on their life.

The Environment Collection is accompanied by a Teacher Resource Book with ideas, activities and approaches to help teachers get the most from using the collection in the classroom.


Wild Islands

Exterminating Thylacines (prose poem)

Dingo Dilemma  dramatic monologue)

Dancing with Dingoes   (background explanation)

Lady Macbeth in Sand    (hypothetical journal)


Mag Attack (dramatic debate for two voices)


Notes from a Dung Beetle Workshop  (fascinating fact file)

The Dirt on Dung Beetles  (poem)


Bat Alert  (short story)

Vampire on Trial (one-act play)


In Search of Golden Wombats  (report)

Death of a Golden Wombat  (poem for two voices)

Saving the Ocean

The Sinking of a Warrior  (research record)

Caught in the Net    (fictionalised history)

Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce   (personal anecdote)

Dugong Beach   (short story)

Secrets in Sand

Digging up a Story   (personal anecdote)

Dirty Work  (journal)

Village of Stone    (documentary radio script)

Unearthed: An Aboriginal Stone Village  (newspaper article)

A Literary Obsession – The Beginning  (explanation)

Mahogany the Mystery Ship ( radio drama script)

Not a Clue   (personal introduction)

Imagine!    (poem)

Points North

Croc Snaps    (fascinating fact file

Reptilian Railway   ( feature article))

Enviro Careers

Wandering with Wwoofers  (recount)

Travelling for the Planet    (interview)

Whipper-Snipper Meets Cane Toad     (ironical anecdote)

Going Down the Wire   (interview)

Burrowing for Bilbies  (interview)

New Tech

Bio-technology  (documentary film script)

Alternative Worlds

Lament of an Alternative   (conversation for two voices)

Wild Animals – Wild Ideas   (hypothetical)

More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
Date of Publication 2003
ISBN 9781876580513
Subject English
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