The English Teacher's Handbook A to Z (2nd Edition)

Author: Jacqueline Manuel (editor) & Don Carter (editor), Publisher: Phoenix
The English Teacher’s Handbook A to Z (Second Edition) is an indispensable companion for all teachers of English. This essential reference book defines the major theoretical and pedagogical principles informing English teaching and learning in contemporary classrooms and identifies the major ideas that underpin current practice. The Handbook provides teachers with a user-friendly, research-based guide to the key terms, concepts, paradigms and models of teaching that characterise effective English education in the 21st century.

The 2nd Edition refines many of the entries and includes additional entries to accommodate changes in curriculum and useage since the first edition was published in 2009.

Teachers will find an abundance of recommendations for further reading, resources and practical strategies to extend their professional learning and enrich their classroom practice.

Written by experienced English educators, the Handbook is must-have addition to every English teacher’s professional library.

More Information
Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 2 September 2020
ISBN 9781925169393
Subject English