Senior Maths Topics: Probability

Author: George Fisher, Publisher: Phoenix

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About this book

Chapter 1 Basic definitions and ideas

  • Random experiments. Equally likely outcomes
  • Non-equally likely outcomes
  • Simple events
  • Composite events
  • Sample space
  • Favourable outcomes

Chapter 2 Diagrammatic representation of sample spaces

  • Tree diagrams
  • Geometric representation of sample space
  • Contracted form of tree diagrams

Chapter 3 The probability of an event

  • Definition
  • Successive outcomes
  • The multiplication principle
  • Probability by tree diagrams
  • Probability that an event does not occur
  • The box-filling technique

Chapter 4 Conditional probability

Chapter 5 Sets and the Venn diagram

  • Intersection
  • Union

Chapter 6 The addition principle

  • Mutually exclusive events
  • Events that are not mutually exclusive
  • Using Venn diagrams

Chapter 7 The product theorem of probability

  • Multi-stage random experiments
  • Product rule
  • Summary of the 'product theorems' results
  • Using complementary events

Chapter 8 Probability trees

Chapter 9 Miscellaneous

  • The addition and product theorems
  • Sampling without replacement

Chapter 10 Permutations and combinations

  • Permutations
  • Combinations
  • Circular arrangements of unlike things

Chapter 11 The binomial theorem

Chapter 12 Further probability

  • Application of counting techniques
  • Binomial probability distribution
  • Expected value


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Year Level Year 11, Year 12
ISBN 9781875695508
Subject Maths