Maths Revision & Practice Book 3 (Year 9)

Author: Ian Bull, Publisher: Phoenix

Mathematics Revision and Practice is a series of books, each one of which provides a revision and homework program covering a full year's work. Each set of skills is clearly explained with diagrams and examples and is accompanied by a page of practice exercises.

Forty revision worksheets - one for each week of the school year - test all topics and ensure that by the end of the year all work has been revised and understood.

Answers are provided to the practice exercises and revision worksheets.

This Book 3 is for Year 9.

Book 3 Contents

Topic 1: Arithmetic skills

    Skill 1.1: Equivalent fractions and cancelling
    Skill 1.2: Multiplying and dividing fractions
    Skill 1.3: Adding and subtracting fractions with unequal denominators
    Skill 1.4: Working with mixed numbers
    Skill 1.5: Converting decimals into fractions
    Skill 1.6: Converting fractions into decimals
    Skill 1.7: Adding and subtracting decimals
    Skill 1.8: Multiplying decimals
    Skill 1.9: Dividing decimals
    Skill 1.10: Adding and subtracting directed numbers
    Skill 1.11: Double signs
    Skill 1.12: Multiplying and dividing directed numbers
    Skill 1.13: Order of operations
    Arithmetic practice

Topic 2: Algebra and equations

    Skill 2.1: Adding and subtracting like terms
    Skill 2.2: Multiplying algebraic terms
    Skill 2.3: Dividing algebraic terms
    Skill 2.4: Expansion of brackets
    Skill 2.5: Factorising algebraic expressions
    Skill 2.6: Solving equations by removing one number
    Skill 2.7: Solving equations by removing two numbers
    Skill 2.8: Solving equations with brackets
    Skill 2.9: Solving equations with pronumerals on both sides
    Skill 2.10: Solving equations by removing more than two numbers
    Skill 2.11: Simultaneous equations
    Skill 2.12: Solving quadratic equations
    Skill 2.13: Evaluating formulas
    Skill 2.14: Transposing equations
    Algebra practice

Topic 3: Indices

    Skill 3.1: Multiplying index expressions
    Skill 3.2: Dividing index expressions
    Skill 3.3: Simplifying fraction expressions
    Skill 3.4: Expanding brackets with indices
    Skill 3.5: Zero index
    Skill 3.6: Prime factors
    Skill 3.7: Negative indices
    Skill 3.8: Fractional indices
    Skill 3.9: Evaluating integer powers
    Indices practice

Topic 4: Number applications

    Skill 4.1: Sharing quantities in a given ratio
    Skill 4.2: Using ratios within a population
    Skill 4.3: Ratios and scale diagrams
    Skil14.4: Finding fractions of quantities
    Skil14.5: Converting percentages into fractions
    Skill 4.6: Converting fractions into percentages
    Skill 4.7: Expressing fractions of quantities as percentages
    Skill 4.8: Finding percentages of quantities
    Skill 4.9 Scientific notation
    Skill 4.10: Mental calculations
    Skill 4.11 Estimation
    Number applications practice

Topic 5: The Cartesian plane

    Skill 5.1: Locating a point on the graph
    Skill 5.2: Finding coordinates from linear equations
    Skill 5.3: Plotting straight lines
    Skill 5.4: Sketching straight lines
    Skill 5.5: Finding the gradient of a line
    Skill 5.6: The general equation of a straight line
    Skill 5.7: Simultaneous equations
    Skill 5.8: Finding coordinates from quadratic equations
    Skill 5.9: Plotting parabolas
    Skill 5.10 Shifting parabolas
    Cartesian plane practice

Topic 6: Measurement

    Skill 6.1: Converting units
    Skill 6.2: Perimeter of shapes with straight sides
    Skill 6.3: Pythagoras' theorem
    Skill 6.4 Similar triangles
    Skill 6.5 Area of shapes with straight sides
    Skill 6.6 Circumference and area of circles
    Skill 6.7 Composite areas
    Skill 6.8 Surface area of solids
    Skill 6.9 Volume of solids with straight sides
    Skill 6.10 Working with time
    Measurement practice

Topic 7: Geometry

    Skill 7 .1: Complementary, supplementary and vertically opposite angles
    Skill 7.2: Angles between parallel lines
    Skill 7.3: Angles in triangles
    Skill 7.4: Angles in quadrilaterals
    Skill 7.5: Drawing accurate nets of solids
    Skill 7.6: Moving shapes: rotation, reflection and translation
    Skill7.7: Tessellations
    Skil17.8: Drawing diagrams of solids
    Skill 7.9: Network diagrams
    Geometry practice

Topic 8: Trigonometry

    Skill 8.1: The sides in a right-angled triangle
    Skill 8.2: Sine, cosine and tangent
    Skill 8.3: Using sin to find side lengths
    Skill 8.4: Using cos to find side lengths
    Skill 8.5: Using tan to find side lengths
    Skill 8.6: Using sin to find an angle
    Skill 8.7: Using cos to find an angle
    Skill 8.8: Using tan to find an angle
    Skill 8.9: Solving practical problems
    Trigonometry practice

Topic 9: Chance and data

    Skill 9.1: Bar graphs and frequency polygons
    Skill 9.2: Pie graphs
    Skill 9.3: Stem and leaf plots
    Skill 9.4: Measures of central tendency
    Skill 9.5: Measures of spread: range and standard deviation
    Skill 9.6: Interquartile range
    Skill 9.7: Displaying continuous data
    Skill 9.8: Working with continuous data
    Skill 9.9: Probability of single and complementary events
    Skill 9.10: Displaying sample spaces
    Skill 9.11: Probability of multiple events
    Skill 9.12: Probability and gambling odds Chance and data practice

Topic 10: Using calculators

    Skill 10.1 Rounding off numbers and estimation solutions
    Skill 10.2: Simple calculations
    Skill 10.3: Fractions
    Skill 10.4: Directed numbers
    Skill10.5 Using the memory function
    Skill 10.6: Finding the square and square root
    Skill 10.7: Making fractions into decimals
    Skill 10.8: Finding percentages of quantities
    Skill 10.9: Reciprocals
    Skill 10.10: Trigonometric functions
    Skill 10.11: Raising a number to a power
    Calculator practice
    Revision and practice worksheets
    Answers to practice sheets

Answers to revision and practice

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Year Level Year 9
ISBN 9781875695461
Subject Maths