Maths Revision & Practice Book 2 (Year 8)

Author: Ian Bull, Publisher: Phoenix

Mathematics Revision and Practice is a series of books, each one of which provides a revision and homework program covering a full year's work. Each set of skills is clearly explained with diagrams and examples and is accompanied by a page of practice exercises.

Forty revision worksheets - one for each week of the school year - test all topics and ensure that by the end of the year all work has been revised and understood.

Answers are provided to the practice exercises and revision worksheets.

Book 1 is for Yr 7, Book 2 is for Yr 8, Book 3 is for Yr 9 and Book 4 is for Yr 10.

Contents Book 2

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Overview and record sheet

Topic 1: Arithmetic skills

    Skill 1.1: Adding whole numbers
    Skill 1.2: Subtracting whole numbers
    Skill 1.3: Multiplying whole numbers
    Skill 1.4: Dividing whole numbers
    Skill 1.5: Mixed numbers and improper fractions
    Skill 1.6: Multiplying and dividing fractions
    Skill 1.7: Equivalent fractions and cancelling
    Skill 1.8: Adding and subtracting fractions with unequal denominators
    Skill 1.9: Working with mixed numbers
    Skill 1.10: Adding and subtracting decimals
    Skill 1.11: Multiplying decimals.
    Skill 1.12: Dividing decimals
    Skill 1.13: Order of operations
    Arithmetic skills practice

Topic 2: Directed Numbers

    Skill 2.1: Adding and subtracting directed numbers
    Skill 2.2: Double signs
    Skill 2.3: Multiplying and dividing directed numbers
    Skill 2.4: Order of operations
    Directed number practice

Topic 3: Algebra & Equations

    Skill 3.1: Adding and subtracting like terms
    Skill 3.2: Multiplying algebraic terms
    Skill 3.3: Dividing algebraic terms
    Skill 3.4 Substitution
    Skill 3..5 Expansion of brackets
    Skill 3.6: Factorising algebraic expressions
    Skill 3.7: Solving equations by removing one number
    Skill 3.8: Solving equations by removing two numbers
    Skill 3.9: Solving equations with brackets
    Skill 3.10: Solving equations with pronumerals both sides
    Skill 3.11: Solving equations by removing more than two numbers
    Algebra and equations practice

Topic 4: Indices

    Skill 4.1: Index notation
    Skill 4.2: Multiplying index expressions
    Skill 4.3: Dividing index expressions
    Skill 4.4: Simplifying indices for multiplication and division
    Skill 4.5: Expanding brackets with indices
    Skill 4.6: Zero index
    Indices practice

Topic 5: Working with numbers

    Skill 5.1: Sharing quantities in a given ratio
    Skill 5.2: Using ratios within a population
    Skill 5.3: Using ratios in scale diagrams
    Skill 5.4: Comparing the sizes of fractions
    Skill 5.5: Finding fractions of quantities
    Skill 5.6: Comparing the size of decimals
    Skill 5.7: Converting decimals into fractions
    Skill 5.8: Converting fractions into decimals
    Skill 5.9: Making percentages into fractions
    Skill 5.10: Making fractions into percentages
    Skill 5.11: Expressing fractions of quantities as percentages
    Skill 5.12: Finding percentages of quantities
    Skill 5.13: Scientific notation
    Skill 5.14: Mental calculations
    Skill 5.15: Estimation
    Working with numbers practice

Topic 6: The Cartesian Plane

    Skill 6.1: Grid Construction
    Skill 6.2: Locating: a point on the Cartesian plane
    Skill 6.3: Finding co-ordinates from equations.
    Skill 6.4: Plotting straight lines
    Skill 6.5: Finding the gradient of a line
    Skill 6.6: Horizontal and vertical lines
    Cartesian plane practice

Topic 7: Geometry

    Definitions ~
    Skill 7.1: Complementary, supplementary and vertically opposite angles
    Skill 7.2: Working with angles between parallel lines
    Skill 7.3 Angles in triangles
    Skill 7.4: Angles in quadrilaterals
    Skill 7.5: Making nets of solids
    Skill 7.6: Moving shapes: rotation, reflection and translation
    Skill 7 .7: Geometric Constructions
    Geometry practice

Topic 8: Chance and Data

    Skill 8.1: Tally tables
    Skill 8.2: Pictographs
    Skill 8.3: Bar graphs
    Skill 8.4: Dot plots
    Skill 8.5: Pie charts
    Skill 8.6: Line graphs
    Skill 8.7: Stem and leaf plots
    Skill 8.8: Measures of central tendency
    Skill 8.9: Measures of spread
    Skill 8.10: Working with continuous data
    Skill 8.11: Probability of single events
    Skill 8.12: Displaying sample spaces
    Skill 8.13: Probability of multiple events
    Chance and data practice

Topic 9: Measurement

    Skill 9.1: Converting length units
    Skill 9.2: Comparing lengths
    Skill 9.4: Area of shapes with straight sides
    Skill 9.3: Perimeter of shapes with straight sides
    Skill 9.5: Perimeter and area of circles
    Skill 9.6: Composite areas
    Skill 9.7: Surface area of solids
    Skill 9.8: Volume of solids with straight sides
    Skill 9.9: Conversion of mass, capacity and time units
    Skill 9.10: Working with time
    Measurement practice

Topic 10: Calculators

    Skill 10.1: Estimating answers
    Skill 10.2: Simple calculations
    Skill 10.3: Fractions
    Skill 10.4: Directed numbers
    Skill 10.5: Use of the memory function
    Skill 10.6: Rounding off answers
    Skill 10.7: Squaring numbers
    Skill 10.8: Finding the square root of a number
    Skill 10.9: Making fractions into decimals
    Skill 10.10: Percentages
    Calculator practice
    Revision & Practice Worksheets

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Year Level Year 8
ISBN 9781875695454
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