HSC General Maths Course Summary (old syllabus)

Author: George Fisher, Publisher: Phoenix

For old syllabus

This title does NOT follow 'Stage 6 Mathematics Standard' NSW syllabus introduced in 2017 but can be used for extra practice.

Originally published in 2001, this book was written for the previous 'Preliminary & HSC Mathematics General' course.

Each Phoenix Course Summary provides a comprehensive and thorough summary of all the essential material for each HSC Maths course in a form which makes it simple for students to identify what they have to know for the HSC examination and to help them learn it.

They include:

  • formulas
  • theorems
  • procedures
  • worked examples

In addition, they have

  • provision for students to add their own notes from other sources - textbook, study guide, teacher
  • useful suggestions to help learn the material
  • practice questions, with answers, for each part of the course

Course Summary General Maths Contents


Topic 1 Mathematical modelling

Topic 2 Financial mathematics

Topic 3 Data analysis

Topic 4 Measurement

Topic 5 Probability

Topic 6 Algebraic modelling

More Information
Year Level Year 12
ISBN 9781876580186
Subject General Mathematics, Maths
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