How to Dazzle at Macbeth

Author: Patrick Cunningham and Irene Yates, Publisher: Phoenix

Each title in this series contains over 40 photocopiable pages for use with junior and middle secondary students, especially those with special learning needs.

Students are helped to understand the plot, the characters, imagery and the language with:

  • easy to read outlines
  • word puzzles
  • crosswords
  • quizzes
  • cloze exercises
  • ...and many other activities

These are books which can be used with all students but they will be particularly valuable in making Shakespeare enjoyable and a valuable learning experience for less able students.

Macbeth Contents          

  • The somewhat bloody tale of Macbeth (The play summed up scene-by-scene).
  • Who's who? (An exercise in matching up characters with descriptions.)
  • In other words, Macbeth (The play translated into more modern words, in seven parts)
    •  Part 1 - Setting the scene
    •  Part 2 - Growing ambitions
    •  Part 3 - A bloody deed indeed!
    •  Part 4 - We gotta get outa' this place
    •  Part 5 - Who invited the ghost?
    •  Part 6 - The untouchable?
    •  Part 7 - Take a bough, your Royal Highness
    •      The voice of Scotland (Be the reporter; carry on with the story!) .
  • Visit the brain gym (A crossword where clues all contain anagrams.)
  • Who are these Scottish people then? (A quiz word search on characters.)
  • A word (or eight!) about Macbeth (Cloze passage with answers included in a word search.)
  • Who am I? (A small crossword where solution answers the question.)
  • Good news week? (Another crossword with message In the solution.)
  • What's it all about? (A small crossword with another message in solution.)
  • Macbeth (A quiz.)
  • When shall we three meet again? (A crossword about Shakespeare’s language.)
  • Solve it! (A large crossword of the 'message In the solution' kind)
  • 13 steps to finish Macbeth. (Another quiz)
  • Happy families? (A cloze exercise on the play;)
  • Tell us the story of Macbeth (An exercise in sequencing events.) ...
  • An A to Z of Shakespeare's Macbeth (An exercise in recall of detail in the play;)
  • All change for Macbeth (A trilogy on replacing words or descriptions of people or places.) .
  • He's lost his head (A simple sequencing exercise.) .
  • Silent in Glamis Castle (A cloze exercise where all missing words contain silent letters.)
  • Shakespeare's words (Finding equivalent words for those of Shakespeare.)
  • The things they said (Who said what in the play?)
  • Answers
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