Heroes: Australians at their Best

Author: Allan Baillie, Publisher: Phoenix

Heroes: Australians at their Best is a new collection of short stories written by Allan Baillie, following Legends - stories of Australia.

Heroes: Australians at their Best is about a wide range of Australians of all colours and ages who have performed acts of bravery in situations ranging from large scale peace time disasters, accidents, war and natural disasters. Some events and people will be well known but others are more like unseen heroes who still performed acts of great bravery.

Many of the stories are short and will appeal to less proficient readers. Others are longer and will provide a little extra challenge.

The collection includes stories about:

Jackey Jackey, David Howie, Neville Howse, Albert Jacka, Frank McNamara, John Flynn, Vernon Cavell, Hugh Syme, Howard Florey, Nancy Wake, Weary Dunlop, Damien Parer, Keith Payne, Fred Hollows, Margaret Warby, Anthonu Gioia, Kay Cottee, Cathy Freeman and many others.

The stories are particularly suitable for reluctant readers:

  • they range in length from a few paragraphs to two pages
  • they cover a diverse range of people and events
  • they are well written in language which less able readers can cope with
  • they are presented in a magazine format
  • they provide a good range of non-fiction text for classroom use

Heroes Contents

The Honeymooners

The Mate

The Rosewood Couch

Shipwrecked Rescuer

The Galloping Doctor


The Snatch

Flynn of the Inland

The Gorge


One Last Go

Castle Caper

The Bomb Hunter

The Bushranger

White Mouse

The Last Man

'Number One Doctor'

War Cameraman 

The Volcano Watcher

The Gatherer

The Larrikin

Granville Nurse

Five Seconds

The Beast

Wrestling a Croc

The Line

The Team

Nightmare at Sea



The Exile

Part of the Job...


Nick of Time

The Tea Bag

The Race

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ISBN 9781876580131
Subject English
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