Excellence in Maths 2 for Secondary Students

Author: George Fisher, Publisher: Phoenix

The Excellence in Maths series was created to give sequenced instruction in the four basic areas of maths: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Additionally they aim to develop problem solving skills with a combination of riddles, brain-twisters and puzzles that are aimed at enriching students. Each book in the series contains challenging questions on all major topics for that level.

Book 1 is for Junior Secondary and this Book 2 is for Middle Secondary.

Answers are provided in the centre of each book and are removable by the parent or teacher.


  1. Approximation and estimation
  2. Using the hand calculator
  3. Algebra: substitution, simplification
  4. Algebraic fractions
  5. Algebraic expressions with grouping symbols
  6. Binomial products
  7. Algebraic squares, difference of two squares
  8. Metric system
  9. Solving equations
  10. Perimeter and area
  11. Volume and surface area
  12. Solving problems with equations
  13. Area and volume: problems
  14. Indices
  15. Inequations
  16. Consumer arithmetic
  17. Formulas
  18. Surds
  19. Coordinate geometry
  20. Statistics: measures of central tendency, cumulation, grouped data
  21. Simultaneous equations
  22. Factorisation
  23. Trigonometry
  24. Three-dimensional trigonometry
  25. Geometry
  26. Quadratic equations
  27. Number-plane graphs
  28. Further volume and surface area
  29. Further statistics: measures of spread, range, mean and standard deviation
  30. Probability
  31. Similarity
  32. Further trigonometry: sine rules, cosine rule, area of a triangle
  33. Circle geometry
  34. Logarithms
  35. Functions and mappings
  36. Polynomials
  37. Matrices
  38. Set theory
  39. Surveying
  40. Navigation
  41. Answers
More Information
Year Level Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
ISBN 9781875695416
Subject Extension Work, Maths
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