Charged with Meaning: Becoming an English Teacher 2nd Edition

Author: Wayne Sawyer (editor), Publisher: Phoenix

This edition of Charged with Meaning is the second edition of a book which has become a standard reference in pre-service teacher education in English, following Re-viewing English and Re-viewing English in the 21st Century.

This new edition continues to provide a comprehensive overview of key issues in English teaching, written by practising teachers and experienced teacher educators. Each chapter in the new edition also provides a range of activities for use in teacher education courses as well as its trademark activities for the school English classroom. The book is highly resource-oriented and student-friendly. Charged with Meaning 2nd edition deals with long-standing areas of English, such as teaching the novel, poetry, Shakespeare, lesson and unit planning or the place of language in English education, but also focuses on areas such as visual design and the use of digital games in English. There is a particular emphasis on textual creation.


  • Charged with Meaning – Wayne Sawyer
  • Becoming an English Teacher – Janet Dutton and Jacqueline Manuel
  • Post-Dartmouth Developments in English Teaching – Jack Thomson
  • Lesson and Unit Planning in English – Janet Dutton with Lucy Boardman, Brodie Ennever, Catherine Fleming, Elizabeth Hitches, Alexander Rozario & Holly Wetherspoon
  • Supporting EAL/D Students in Mainstream Classes – Ashlee Horton
  • Why Read Literature? – Larissa McLean Davies
  • Traditional Literary Criticism in the Contemporary Classroom – Eva Gold
  • Imaginative Re‑creation of Literature – Peter Adams
  • Teaching the Class Novel – Helen Sykes
  • Working with Short Stories – Paul Grover
  • Exploring Graphic Novels in English – Stefanie Lia
  • Young Adult (YA) Fiction – Deb McPherson and Jane Sherlock
  • Wide Reading in the English Classroom – Helen Sykes
  • A Sample of Activities for Teaching the Novel – Wayne Sawyer
  • Teaching Poetry – Susanne Gannon
  • D.A.R.T.S Activities – Wayne Sawyer
  • Language and Subject English – Wayne Sawyer
  • Grammar – Wayne Sawyer
  • The Writing‑rich Classroom – Susanne Gannon
  • Teaching Creative Writing – Kira Bryant
  • Writing: Craft, Conventions and the 'Literary' – Wayne Sawyer
  • Remixing – Anita Jetnikoff
  • Digital Storytelling – Anita Jetnikoff
  • Zines – Kerri‑Jane Burke
  • Responding to Visual Texts – Paul Grover
  • Visual Design for English – Lucina McKnight
  • Picture Books and Graphic Novels for the Secondary Classroom – Deb McPherson and Jane Sherlock
  • Film as a Language – Luke Bartolo
  • Non‑scripted Drama in English Classes – Joanne O'Mara
  • Exploring Some Principles and Pedagogies for Teaching Playscripts in Secondary English – Jacqueline Manuel
  • Plays for Young Adults in the English Classroom – Deb McPherson and Jane Sherlock
  • 'He was not of an age, but for all time!': Introducing Shakespeare – Matthew Brown
  • Using Digital Games in English – Joanne O'Mara
  • Some Issues in the Assessment of English – Wayne Sawyer
  • List of contributors
  • Appendix
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Edition 2nd
Date of Publication 2019
ISBN 9781925169300
Subject English